Massive Value Services

EcoZohm offers a wide variety of services to ensure your project is designed, implemented and funded in the most cost-effective manner.  We are involved in every step of your project from initial design and return-on-investment to final installation.  Our nationwide distribution network allows us to give local support to ensure all aspects of your project are successful.  

  • Site Visits
  • Lighting Design
  • Custom Product Development
  • Energy-Analysis
  • EEFA Incentive Program
    • Rebates
    • Tax Analysis
    • Grant Research
    • Funding Solutions
  • Turnkey Installation
  • Project Management


EcoZohm’s engineering team specializes in lighting design.  We can handle projects of any size for both retrofit upgrades of existing lights to greenfield facility layouts.  Our focus is on designing and implementing extremely energy-efficient, low maintenance, and sustainable, LED lighting systems.  


After evaluating your existing lighting system, our team will supply a detailed study showing the benefits of upgrading to LED.  This study includes energy savings, HVAC savings, maintenance savings and environmental impact.  The cost of ownership of your existing lights will be compared to our LED solution over a 10 year period to generate a real-life return on investment calculation. 


EcoZohm specializes in funding solutions for energy efficiency projects through an incentive program called EEFA (Energy Efficiency Funding Assessment).   With this program, we find little know incentives, which can help fund your LED lighting project. 


We offer nationwide professional installation services to ensure your new lighting system is installed in compliance with local, state, and national electrical codes, building codes, and fire safety codes. 


From small single location projects to national multi-site implementation, our team has you covered.  We manage all aspects of the project to include: Initial design work, rebate and incentive paperwork, manufacturing of lights, management of installation crews, and final certification for tax incentives.  

Innovative Lighting Solutions

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