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MaxGreen MG-XDL LED Range

The MG-XDL Series of LED industrial lights was created for both low bay and high bay applications.  This series of LED lights is an ultra-efficient and utilizes proprietary lens technology to magnify and direct the light.   The MG-XDL lights are ideal for industrial, commercial, and retail applications where focused and directional light is the driving factor.

Designed and manufactured using the highest quality components, MaxGreen lights are manufactured to perform in even the harshest of environments.  Our LED lights are designed to replace conventional gas discharge lighting (Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium) and fluorescent fixtures (T12, T8, and T5).

  • Lumen Output:                         6,258 to 40,392 Lumens
  • Lens:                                            Various
  • Color Temperature:                Std. 5,000K (Optional Range Between 2,400 – 6,000k)
  • Voltage Range:                        Std. 110-277V (Optional 480V)
  • Working Temperature:          -40°C to 70°C
  • Housing Material:                   Aluminum
  • Warranty:                                   5 Years

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  • High Bay

  • Low Bay

  • Warehouse

  • Cold Storage

  • Sports Facility

  • Aviation Hangar

  • Greenhouse

  • Vehicle Repair

  • Tent & Shelter

  • Interior


  • Ultra Efficient

  • 156,000 Hour Rate Life

  • Little to No Maintenance

  • High Shock Resistance

  • Focused Directional Light

  • Daylight Color

  • 5 Year Warranty


Technical Specs

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