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August 04, 2014

“Since the EcoZohm LED upgrade, we have received so many comments from clients about how great the lighting looks. It is really impressive. The LED lighting is so much cleaner looking than the T8 fluorescent fixture were.”

John McConnell (Maintenance Manger)
Berry Plastics
EcoZohm LED Lighting After

After – EcoZohm LED Lighting Upgrade



January 22, 2014

EcoZohm’s DLC rating was a big factor in our decision to use their product. The fact that Baltimore Gas and Electric covered 50% of the entire cost helped as well. 

We replaced outdated T12 fluorescents with the MG-XFL product in our warehouse and noticed an immediate improvement. We are looking forward to many years of maintenance free lighting and reduced energy costs.”

Rich Rittermann (Vice President Operations)
Conveyor Handling Company Inc.


June 13, 2013

LED Pool Lighting Retrofit

“The Harris YMCA is extremely pleased with the quality of the EcoZohm LED products furnished by BarGanZ Energy Solutions, in our pool lighting retrofit project.   The increased light levels greatly enhanced the safety in our facility and the energy savings along with carbon reduction help us save money while contributing to a greener environment for our customers.  A complete success!”

– Kevin Notley, Facility Supervisor.



April 24, 2012

I would like to say how impressed I am with the Ecozohm’s lighting. I installed some lights in our parking lot and on the building at Holiday Inn University in Blacksburg, VA. The amount and quality of light they produce is awesome. The quality of the fixture is also very impressive. We are using these in place of existing metal halide fixtures. What a difference.

Of course the cost savings is also a huge factor.

Mark Sikkenga
Chief Engineer
Holiday Inn
Blacksburg, VA



April 16, 2012

It’s amazing how much money we have saved with EcoZohm’s LEDs. We use them for exterior security flood lighting and in our office. I am extremely happy with their look and performance.”

Steve Olivo
Trophy Depot



September 23, 2011

The maturing of light emitting diodes (LEDs) from an exciting laboratory tool developed for research into devices routinely used in the practical world of manufacturing has been remarkable. LEDs provide one of the most noteworthy examples of how the results from basic scientific research can be used to affect an exceptionally broad range of daily life. One finds LEDs throughout 21st century life from the automobiles we drive to the devices we use to light our homes and offices.

The significance of using LEDs is often not obvious to the user, but the economic savings they offer through their efficiency, low heating properties, and long life of operation all can make important contributions to our future lifestyles where the efficient use of energy is paramount. Expanding the use of LEDs not only can save money in the short term, but can make serious investments in shaping lifestyles that are consistent with energy conservation. The recent availability of LED products higher optical outputs expands the number of ways in which LEDs can be economically used and should be seriously considered.

Professor George H. Atkinson
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and College of Optical Sciences
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ


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