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Pool Lighting
Before and After
LED Pool Lights


  • Swimming Pool Lighting
  • High Bay and Low Bay
  • Metal Halide Replacement
  • Area Lighting

Cost Saving Benefits

  • Before – 900 Watt Metal Halide!
  • After – XFL-150 Watt MaxGreen LED
  • 83% Reduction in Electrical Usage
  • 5 Times Brighter
  • Cleaner More Natural Color Lighting
  • No Lamps or Ballast to Change

Pool lighting has unique challenges, as the typical environment includes wet, extremely humid, warm air temperatures, with airborne chloramines. EcoZohm's MaxGreen LEDs have been designed for the harshest of both indoor and outdoor environments. Remarkable savings are seen in both the electrical cost reduction, as well as eliminating maintenance costs associated with changing lamps (bulbs).

EcoZohm specializes in pool lighting applications. Please contact us for further information.