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Are You Taking Advantage of LED Lighting Utility Rebates?

Are You Taking Advantage of LED Lighting Utility Rebates?

November 22, 2013 • Permalink

Are You Taking Advantage of LED Lighting Utility Rebates?  

A Crash Course on Saving Money and Improving Efficiency

Utility bills are often overlooked when business expenses are considered. But that might be the biggest mistake you could be making. After all, not only can you stand to save huge amounts of money by switching to more energy efficient lighting alternatives, you’re also leaving money on the table when you consider all the local and federal tax incentives, subsidies, and utility rebates available.

So if you’re worrying about your cash flow, ask yourself this one question: Are you taking advantage of utility rebates? With so many available, not educating yourself can be like shooting yourself in the foot. Here’s a crash course on how to take advantage of rebates to both improve cash flow and the environment.

Why do Utilities Offer Rebates?

It’s a strange prospect. Don’t utilities want to keep growing and make more money? Well, yes and no.  Making more money may be one thing, but reducing costs can be just as effective – and frankly, we’ve reached a point where making the most efficient use of current energy infrastructure is much more cost effective than building more.

Besides, utilities aren’t greedy monolithic corporations – they have just as much an interest in preserving the environment as the rest of us, and they’re in one of the best positions to encourage energy conservation and efficiency.

Rebates don’t Last Forever

Rebates constantly change and grow. Each program typically exists on a first-come first-served basis and run until either the funds set aside for the program are exhausted, or the timeline expires.  With that in mind, it’s important to take advantages of rebates on the table as soon as they appear on your radar. Otherwise you could be left waiting for the next one to start.

Rebates you can Take Advantage of Now

At the moment, utility companies nationwide are offering rebates on DesignLights Consortium qualified LED lights. The DLC has been keeping a running list of high quality, high efficiency LED products for commercial usage since 2010, and now you can save even more money with these lights.

For more information on energy rebates and incentives in your area, contact us today at or 855-Eco-Zohm (855) 326-9646