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LED Lighting for Manufacturing Plant
Before and After LED Lighting


  • Manufacturing LED Lighting
  • Production Floor Lighting
  • Custom LED (Drop Ceiling)
  • 24/7 Hours of Operation

Cost Saving Benefits

  • Before - 6 Lamp T8 Fluorescent
  • After - 120 Watt MaxGreen LED
  • 45% Reduction in Electrical Usage
  • 2 Times as Bright
  • Cleaner More Natural Color Lighting
  • No Lamps or Ballast to Change
EcoZohm specializes in converting industrial spaces, such as manufacturing plants, processing plants, and warehouses to LED lighting.

"Since the EcoZohm LED upgrade, we have received so many comments from clients about how great the lighting looks. It is really impressive. The LED lighting is so much cleaner looking than the T8 fluorescent fixture were. I am pleased with the fact of low maintenance, we run 24/7 and by now we would have had to change out lamps if we were still using fluorescent fixtures. Without a doubt we are pleased with the energy savings and at this plant we are always looking to reduce our consumption."

- John McConnell, Maintenance Manger of Berry Plastics

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