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3 Reasons Why LED Will Soon Be Lighting Your Office

3 Reasons Why LED Will Soon Be Lighting Your Office

November 02, 2013 • Permalink

You’ll hear it over and over again that LED lighting is a great alternative to the old fluorescent or incandescent lighting. As you think about office LED lighting, you may be wondering if it is right for you. Rest assured, it is, and here are three reasons why you need LED lighting.

  • It’s easy on the eyes. There is a huge difference between incandescent or fluorescent lighting and LED lighting. It’s cleaner and brighter, yet more gentle on the eyes. Even within a few hours you’ll notice the difference in the way you feel. It’s not an assumption, it’s a fact according to a recent series of tests Behar-Cohen et. al. published in Progress in Retinal and Eye Research. This is because LEDs focus light without flickering or buzzing. This means your eyes and mind will not strain as quickly and you’ll feel the difference.  
  • LEDs save you money. An average office can reduce their energy bill from lighting by 60% to 90%. Most people know that LEDs save them money, but not many people know why. They save you money in two main ways.  They are many times more efficient at converting electricity to light than conventional lighting. The more efficient the light is, the less energy is wasted. LEDs also cost less to own because their lifespan is dramatically longer than fluorescent tubes.  (LEDs are rated at 100,000 hours or 32 years for the average business).  This means you won’t be spending time changing bulbs and ballasts anymore.
  • They are good for your image. LEDs are good for your image in two ways. First, they give off full spectrum lighting, making any presentations look natural. Second, LEDs are good for the environment. They are compliant with restriction of hazardous substances such as mercury and lead. This makes them the greenest choice on the market, which also makes you look good.

Would you like to know more about LED lighting in your office? We can help you understand your options. To learn more about LED savings please contact us.